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A Sign of the Times - Blog Twenty-One

A Sign of the Times - Blog Twenty-One
July 23, 2023

I have a 4x4 post before the gate to hold the button for the electric gate.  It is (was) white.  Big sign that said exit and mounted on it is a button to push to open the electric gate.   3.5’ I had buried that bugger.

Today they finally brought the storage container so Ivy can get her stuff out of my trailer-another story for later.  The guy brings in a dually pickup pulling a forty foot shipping container.  I tell him where to put it and he says, "no problem."  He was just going to swing around on the grass and back in.  Well he was pretty poor at going forward and a disaster in reverse.  He starts swinging around and before I could stop him he mangled the 4x4 post.  Tore it in half just about ground level.  Now please understand all visitors need that button to get out.  Must have that button to get out!

Ok, so he finally backs into position after several tries.  And unloads the container.  He slipped me $20 for the post and split.

Beth and I needed to go into town anyway so we took off for a post and some horse feed.   We explained to Ivy she was going to have to run the button and fortunately it was a light work day.

Got back at 2:30pm, sunny hot day it was.  Specially replacing that post.  First I had to cut a groove to put the arm in then move the signs on the post that said exit and then remounting after glueing together the button.   All out in the open on a cement drive. Then  I hauled the whole mess to the original hole which fortunately hadn’t caved in.  I’m thinking, good job Jeff, just drop it in the hole and pour some water around it and done.   Crud, it only went in the hole 2’ meaning no one but Superman could reach the button.   After some choice words I got in the tractor and the tractor bucket convinced the wood to go into the hole.

Now for the good part.  When I pulled the post out of the pickup I had left the tailgate open.  Back of the truck was holding 10 bags of horse grain.  I came back to the house to get praise from Beth for getting the post in and one of the horses was holding a bag of grain in his mouth and shaking it.  With persuasion and a hand on his butt he dropped it.  I pushed him away but now two friends join him.   Putting the tail gate up was no help as they reached right over.   I’m chasing three horses around the truck. Every time I get one away another sneaks up.   I whacked one of them as they were lifting another bag out of the truck.   Keys were in the house and Beth was doing her hair, meaning her hearing aids were out and no way could she hear me.   I finally convinced the horses to eat the grass and pushed them a distance from the truck and ran in to get the keys.  Phooey, because by now I’m too tuckered out to drive to the barn and unload the grain sacks.  I got the keys for the Explorer and managed to get the grain into the Explorer where doors could be shut.

Another story based on true adventures of …….
P.S. the post will be painted white tomorrow or the next day - probably.

I've stayed here several times. Easy, quick access from I-20. Nice place.

Rodney N.