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Bees My Knees - Blog Twenty-Two

Bees My Knees - Blog Twenty-Two
June 22, 2023

A quickie.  Our house is set up so that you normally enter the rear door.  We seldom go to the front door.  In fact the only time we use the front door is when someone new shows up.  Beth was cleaning flower beds and camae in to say, "We've got bees!"  "No way," says I.  Boy was I wrong.  Out our front door was a hive, swarm, whatever professional bee people say.  I'll attach a picture to have you see.  So I called around for a service that would take the bees and maybe give me a jar of honey.  They came and got to work.  Occasionally they would stop and pry apart a section of the honeycomb and put it into a container.  I heard them get excited and say, "She's a big one" - they caught the queen.  After sucking all the bees they could and pulling down the honeycomb layer by layer they offered us a piece.  Have you ever sucked honey fresh from a comb?  Can't say it was the best honey I ever tasted because 'honey is honey'.  But I can say it was the freshest honey I have eaten.

We brought in nine horses today. Good place here everything was set up for us. And, we could easily move our large trailers around.

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